hello goodmorning have a lazy asami with flowers u__u


Fire Nation Katara doodle.


Precious characters. 

I hope to do something similar with Korra

Idk, au where LOK happens in the future. I swear I tried to paint a decent Republic City, but the attempt was failed. Twice. Not sure if this can even count as Korrasami, but what the hell. Also I’m so sorry, Korra, you are always a little more bullshitted than Asami.

Also it’s my second art anniversary. Confetti and thank you to everyone for the support, without you guys I’d probably have walked out on the whole art thing 10 times by now.


I’m rewatching The Last Airbender


So, I did, Mako, too… even though he’s a jerk. But I will have to add Bolin and Tenzin some other time. I’m too tired to finish the other two.


A sort of sketch because I need to vent Avatar. I might make a set if I have time.

update: Prints and phone cases now available at my Society 6!


An awkward Bolin trying to impress an already impressed Opal with stories of the epic Nuktuk.